The Ben Fryer Show
Trading Places

We have exciting news!

This week, our very own Clare Line was on the Ben Fryer Radio Show BBC Essex at 12:40pm as the Trading Places Clue Reader to represent GP Healthcare Alliance Clinical Services!

What did we do?

Clare was able to ask listeners the following clues to guess where we were:

CLUE 1 – Take to the podium! Did you win gold, silver or bronze?

CLUE 2 – Not to be confused with its neighbouring county twin.

CLUE 3 – Stood in the regal ruins by a bike trail, overlooking marsh land and the c2c rail.

Listeners were then able to send in their answers to try their luck at guessing out location.

Did you guess it?! 

Yes? Answer


CLUE 1 EXPLAINED – Hadleigh is home to the 2012 Olympic mountain bike trail

CLUE 2 EXPLAINED – Hadleigh is a place in Essex and Suffolk

CLUE 3 EXPLAINED – Regal ruins – Hadleigh castle / bike trail – Olympic bike track / Hadleigh castle overlooks the Essex marshes / you can see the c2c rail line when you look over towards Canvey Island.

What happened next?

Once the listeners had guessed correct, we then had the excellent opportunity to tell the people of Essex about us and what we do. We would like to thank the people of Essex for taking part and hearing about us and the services we offer, and thank you to the BBC Essex team and the Ben Fryer Show and host for having us.

Well done to Clare for speaking to the people of Essex and representing GP Healthcare Alliance! If you want to listen to the full show you can view it here.

If you want to know more about our services please do give us a call!