Travel Health Clinic

GPHA travel clinic service – providing travel advice and vaccinations for local GP surgeries.

We provide expert travel advice through GP practices. Our experienced nurses have the advantage of access to your NHS vaccination record enabling advice tailored specifically to your travel needs.

How to book appointments:

Appointments are ideally to be booked at least 6-8 weeks prior to your expected departure date.

Appointments are available at the following location:
Hadleigh Clinic
Suite 3, 351 London Road,

Please complete the online form below and submit to us or click on the link to complete the word document and email to You will be contacted to discuss your requirements and to arrange a suitable appointment.
Please note:
• There is a £25.00 per person initial consultation fee required at booking (including children and babies).
• We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment.
• If you fail to attend your appointment this will not be refunded.
• Yellow fever vaccinations are not currently provided under this service.


• Details of your holiday. We will need to know when you are travelling, how long for and where you will be staying.
• A detailed itinerary of your trip. We will need to know ALL of your destinations. This will affect what vaccinations you need and any potential malaria medication.
• Any vaccine record books previously given to you at other travel clinics.
• A debit or credit card for vaccine payment. We work on a card payment system only; we cannot accept cash.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment please allow 24 hours’ notice to avoid losing your booking fee.

To assist in your travel appointment, you can view information on various destinations and vaccinations by using:


in a Course

Cost Per

Consultation per person – Initial assessment appointment only 1 £25.00
Combined Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio 2 £30.00
Hepatitus A – Adult 2 £53.00
Hepatitus A – Child 2 £53.00
Typhoid 1 £31.50
Cholera 2 £28.00
Combined Hepatitis A and Typhoid 1 £83.00
Combined Hepatitis A+B – Adult 3 £75.00
Combined Hepatitis A+B – Child 3 £75.00
Combined MMR 1-2 £41.00
Hepatitis B – Adult 3 £43.00
Hepatitis B – Child 3 £30.00
Japanese B Encephalitis 2 £87.00
Meningitis ACWY 1 £50.00
Rabies 3 £58.00
Tick Encephalitis – Adult 3 £63.00
Tick Encephalitis – Child 3 £63.00

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For any further information, please contact us via the form below